Home Equity Loan Program

A revolving line of credit loan secured by a home. Once you have a credit limit established you could borrow up to that limit any time, pay it back and borrow again for any reason.

  • Interest rates usually lower than most credit cards
  • Consult a tax advisor regarding the deductibility of interest
  • Ability to borrow, pay down and borrow again without having to receive prior approval
  • Monthly billings
  • Offers significant financial flexibility


Home Equity Special


Stop Dreaming and Start Doing with our Home Equity Line of Credit Special.


Get approved today and receive a special 1.99% APR* fixed rate until January 25, 2016.  After this period, the rate will be prime plus 0.00%.  This rate is currently 4.00% and subject to change.


*Special annual percentage rate (APR) is available with a Bank of New Glarus and Sugar River Bank Branches checking account, a loan value of 80% or less and a credit limit equal to or greater than $10,000.00.  For existing accounts, a minimum of $10,000 credit limit increase is required.  Offer good through January 25, 2016.  The APR will not exceed 21% or be less that 4% after the initial discount period.  Annual fee after the first year is $50.00.  Offer is subject to normal credit qualifications and property evaluation.  Property insurance is required.  Closing costs of $50 to $100 may apply.  Consult your tax advisor concerning tax deductibility.  Rates are subject to change.  Some restrictions may apply.  Other rates available based on loan to value and line amount.


Second Mortgage


  An amortizing loan secured by a home.  Are you looking to consolidate debt, purchase a vehicle or do home improvements?

  • Consult a tax advisor regarding the deductability of interest
  • Choose from fully amortizing loans or balloon loans for more payment flexibility
  • Set monthly payment for the duration of your loan
  • Offers significant financial flexibility